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Releasing Sparky into the Wild Data World!

Releasing Sparky into the Wild Data World!

We've been hard at work trying to simplify your data log collection processes. We're proud to announce that we're releasing our public beta version of Sparky CLI!

The Problem

You have nothing short of thousands of different types of sensors, spreadsheets, servers, MQTT brokers, from hundreds of different suppliers.  We even started collecting a list of the most common suppliers just to help out.  But we quickly realized that even when you get the sensors your super valuable data is still scattered everywhere and no one knows what to do about it.

You don't have time to code, you're too busy growing crops and dealing with distribution...

How do you possibly consolidate all that lovely information into a usable, visual interface?  How can your team get alerted if something goes wrong?  How can you use that data to maximize your profits if it's just sitting somewhere in the dark corner of the office?

Meet Sparky:
The lovable, hard-working, loyal data dog.

Cute dog Alvan Nee <3

But really, this program is the first of her kind! Sparky CLI gives you the power to relay all of the data from all of your sensors and store it on your personal dashboard!

Gone are the days that you have to mull over complex integrations, code, and the complexities of each sensor.

The command line interface (CLI) works on any platform and will help you with the success of your farm, school, research or backyard system.

Start using Sparky CLI today!