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Sustainable Next-gen Farming, Research and Aquaponics with Dr. Ryan Lefers

Dr. Ryan Lefers is an agricultural engineer, research scientist at the King Abdullah University of Science and Technology (KAUST) and the CEO of Saudi Arabia based Red Sea Farms.

Raised on a farm in South Dakota, Dr. Lefers quickly became passionate about the nexus in sustainable agriculture systems of using two of the world’s most abundant natural resources: salt water and sunlight. At KAUST and Red Sea Farms, his team has developed groundbreaking technology for salt tolerant agriculture and salt water cooling technologies connected to Controlled Environment Agriculture (CEA). This includes using seawater to use grow salt-tolerant crops, such as newly identified varieties of tomatoes and green vegetables.

https://per.kaust.edu.sa/Pages/Ryan-lefers.aspx - Dr Ryan Lefers
https://redseafarms.com/​ - Unlocking the Potential Of Saltwater

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