You are all familiar with JD and Tawnya Sawyer at the Aquaponic Source.  They just released their online trainings and have began moving their years of experience to the cloud.  They also have tons of ready-made systems for residential and school settings that can be powered by Aquaponics AI.

In addition to their courses being available online, Aquaponics AI and The Aquaponic Source have teamed up to deliver a powerful all-in-one solution for tracking your data. This enables you to:

  • Save almost 2 years time learning about aquaponics before properly getting started
  • Always stay up-to-date with leading industry insights
  • Give the Aquaponic Source team access to your system to troubleshoot why your fish died, why your pH isn't stabilizing, or even to give insights on how to improve
  • You can access your system from anywhere with our mobile app.
  • Setup your Aquaponics Source SOP! (let's talk more about that...)

Get your Aquaponic Source Standard Operating Procedures in the Cloud in Seconds

Creating a project on Aquaponics AI

When creating a project you can select The Aquaponic Source as your project template and it will automatically generate all of your maintenance schedules, logs, and recommended procedures!

Sign up and get your Aquaponic Source project in the cloud today.